Fayette County Dirty Grout Shower

Residents of Fayette County have a better option when it comes to shower grout issues. Instead of replacing, give Perfection Floor Care a call. We can restore your renew your tile, repair and restore your grout, and replace your nasty, moldy caulk. Take a look at the before picture of this tub surround. The grout is discolored, stained and missing in some areas. The caulk is moldy and black. Attempts to cover up the caulk with more just made the problem worse and the heavy scraping on the grout just made it fall out.

Now, look at the results of our one-day restoration. The grout is now uniformly white. The yucky, thick caulk is now thin and clean. The whole surround now looks brand new...in just ONE DAY!

Don't replace your tile and grout. Renew in a day for a fraction of the cost.

Pick up the phone and call (770) 892-5656 to schedule your tile and grout restoration today!