5 Rules for Great Looking Floors Fayetteville Ga, PTC Ga, Newnan Ga

5 Rules for Great Looking Floors Fayetteville Ga, PTC Ga, Newnan Ga


Proper floor care is often perceived as an elusive homeowner activity that perplexes and confuses the most capable individuals out there. The myriad of flooring surfaces further exacerbates this confusion with the presumption that every floor has totally different requirements. Although the differences do require some individualized care, the basis for overall care is summed up with five basic needs (1) develop a plan (2) daily/routine maintenance (3) spot/spill removal (4) periodic cleaning and (5) deep cleaning.


Developing a plan is the first step in proper floor care. A planned care routine for all your floors does a number of things from improved overall appearance and better health to reducing stress and saving you money. Without a set plan, caring for your floors is likely to become an afterthought that results in quick cleaning just to get something done. With a plan in place, the when and how’s are known in advance.


Daily and/or routine maintenance are the steps we take throughout the week. This includes dusting, vacuuming and damp mopping (to name a few) that removes the superficial dirt, soil, and debris that enters our homes on a daily basis. This first step of the plan keeps these particles from causing permanent damage and improves the effectiveness of the remaining steps.


Spot removal is another misunderstood step in floor care. Spots are easily removed in cleaning. Stains, however, are much more difficult and can be permanent. Lack of action is probably the biggest reason spots become stains. Additionally, utilizing the wrong process can make the spot become a stain. Overall, bleach-free terry cloth towels and plain luke-warm water without delay will give you great results.


Periodic cleaning is the first step where a professional is introduced into the cleaning regimen. This step removes trapped soils and particles that aren’t completely removed by daily maintenance procedures. Don’t overlook involving a professional in this step. This removes these additional soils, keeps your floors looking great and extends the need for more aggressive (and costly) deep cleaning.


Deep cleaning is the most involved and aggressive cleaning method that should be reserved for professionals. Although it is the most costly portion of the floor care process, it is only a fraction of the cost you’ll spend replacing your floors because you neglected this step. This deep cleaning process removes embedded dirt, soil and debris and returns your floors to like new condition. It helps reduce the time needed in step one (daily maintenance) as well as helping keep spots from becoming stains. It also minimizes and improves the effectiveness of periodic cleaning, makes your floors look fabulous and saves you money.


When properly implemented, if you follow these steps, your floors will look their absolute best year-round and for years to come.


If you would like more specific information on these steps, check back for individual articles with more in-depth details on each step. But if you need help right away or you’d like to schedule a free, in-home floor care evaluation, feel free to call Perfection Floor Care at (770) 892-5656. We look forward to being of service.