Benefits of Developing a Maintenance Plan Atlanta Georgia

Benefits of Developing a Maintenance Plan Atlanta Georgia


Benefits of Developing A Plan For Maintaining Your Floors


            Developing a plan for maintaining your floors is a crucial step that all Atlanta area homeowners should have first on their list. With a proper plan in place, the when and how of routine care are know in advance. This simple planning step will help you in several different areas.


            First, your action plan improves the overall appearance of your flooring. With a plan in place, maintenance procedures are more likely to be performed. The more consistent your cleaning efforts, the better your floors will look. The better they look, the cleaner and healthier they’ll be.


            As you may have heard, our indoor environment may be up to five times more polluted than outside. Improved building practices allow less energy to be used to heat or cool our homes due to a better insulated, more air-tight building. Although this keeps indoor air from escaping to the outside, it also traps pollutants that enter into your home. Routine cleaning helps remove these pollutants. Fewer pollutants mean a healthier indoor environment for you.


            Another benefit of your maintenance plan is reduced stress. How can cleaning your floors reduce your stress, you ask? Well, without a plan in place, our daily activities take priority. We’re distracted with the needs of ‘living’. Usually, when we finally get around to floor maintenance, we’re so tired and sick of looking at them; we react and take swift action to ease our frustration. This is counterproductive to proper care. A scheduled maintenance plan takes less time and keeps you from ‘reactive’ cleaning. You know when, what and how it’s going to be done. You’ll be less stressed and feel better about your home’s cleanliness.


            Finally, probably the most rewarding aspect of a floor maintenance program is the money you’ll save. I say this over and over again…maintenance is much cheaper than replacement. The automotive industry has done a fabulous job at consumer awareness. If I were to ask you how often you should change your oil, odds are you’ll say three months or 3,000 miles. Why do they pound this into our brains? Sure, they’ll sell more oil, but, for you, your car will last longer…oil is the ‘lifeblood’ of your car. Without proper maintenance, your engine will break down and you’ll be buying a new car (or at least a new engine). Either way, you’ll spend way more than you would have for an oil change. The same is true for your floors. When they’re properly maintained, they’ll last a really long time. If you neglect them, they just won’t last.


             Developing a plan for maintaining your floors has many benefits; regardless of where you live in the Atlanta area. Each one could be discussed at great length. But I believe you can see there are many reasons to take the few minutes needed to put in place a plan that works for you. Next, you’ll read “How To Develop A Plan That Works”. Use these principles to develop your own plan and put it into practice. Your floors will thank you.


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